Welcome to Flexbuild IT Solutions… Your one stop shop for all your eBusiness needs. 

At Flexbuild, we are committed to solving your e business needs. We develop internet applications and web based solutions to all your e commerce needs. 

Enterprise Resource Planning is a key focus of our organization. We are committed to making life as well as your business improved and a lot easier for you. Our bespoke applications and routines are tried and tested over time and in very steep business environments. 

Our style is to keep improving our applications and solutions based on a feedback theory. We obtain results from our clients and get contributions from them as well as from other diverse users, incorporate these in our applications and make them available to you. In order words, we are working for you. 

From simple and efficient web designs through to effective and smart online marketplaces to enterprise business portals, database administration,  our team of committed, skilled and goal-oriented developers are here to help provide a solution to your e business needs using the various tools and resources at our disposal.

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